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    Intel GMA HD enough to handle SCII?


      I have an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HC (Core i3) version on my MSI laptop for windows 7. All the other system requirements are met, but I'm wondering if the Intel GMA HD is strong enough to run Starcraft II. If anyone has information regarding whether it does or not, please notify my as soon as possible. Thanks!

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          When I ran Starcraft II beta on my Core i5 661 system(3.33GHz/900MHz GPU) I got 60-70 fps with 1024x768 everything low and got 25-35 fps with CPU-intensive settings all set to high.


          You should be able to get by with the everything low spec, maybe you can put the CPU intensive settings at medium or so(it'll tell you what those are).


          Try to get the latest drivers too.

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