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    Intel Active System Console 4 - change the threshold value?


      I had installed IASC 4 (ASC_x64.exe) from the intel installation CD came with the motherboard. My motherboard is S5000PAL and running windows server 2008 64bit. My queston is how we change the threshold value for email alerts for different components such as HDD, CPU etc.


      I had consult the docs:


      - enu_iasc1.pdf

      - intel_active_system_console_ug_en.pdf

      From the docs it mentioned i cant change the threshold if i installed with a management agent, but I only installed that single exe file.


      In the past (ver 3X) i knew i can change the threshold in the registry but it'll be great if I can do it on the actual menu.


      Please let me know any other workaround or other program that i am not aware of (I am avoid using system management software and microsoft system centre)