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    Vertex shader problem with driver


      I have dg41RQ motherboard with integerated x4500 GMA.
      It comes with a cd which contains drivers. The version of graphic driver on the CD was
      I Installed this driver and every thing was working fine.
      RecentlyI updated the graphic driver to the lates version( Then none of the game that use vertex shader 2.0 can run.
      If i tried to run the game it reboot the pc. I tried a 3d testing software. When I select the option of Testing Vertex shader 2.0. It reboot the pc.
      Other test works fine (without vertex shader).
      I uninstalled and reinstall previous driver and every thing works fine again.
      But new driver has some new 3d settings which I needed and not available in previuos version driver.
      Is there any fix available for this problem.