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    D865GBF Intel Desktop Board


      Dear sir,


      I had above mentioned mother having 2 support SATA pins-

      I could not able to adjust 500GBF Harddisk SATA

      will it support the same.

      righ now i am having IDE hard disk of 250 it is working fine.

      I need to have another 500 GB hard disk SATA having two pins in the mother

      I tried but i could be able to do that

      pls. advise for the same so that my mother could support up to

      what level of harddisk

      hoping ur reply soon.

      It matter is most urget



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          Understanding your post was a bit difficult. If you are using an automatic translator or having trouble with English, you might want to have a friend help you. You seem to be saying that you are having trouble using a 250 GB IDE drive and a 500 GB SATA drive at the same time on your motherboard. If this is the case, first try updating your BIOS if you can. If this does not help, please try to explain your problem more clearly. Are the drives not being recognized by the BIOS? Do the drives work when connected independently?

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            Dear Rayan Sir,


            Actual problem with my mother board is I am having 2 sata pins and right now I am using 250GB hard disk of IDE and 3GB Ram.  But I need to adjust another 500 GB SATA hard disk  as second one so that total capacity will be 750 GB after adding. I need to know how much Capacity of hard disk will support  my mother board pls. let me knw the same. another issue one slot of Ram is not working will able to repair  same so that i can use the same is  there any software to rectify the RAM Slot so that i can add another 1GB Ram. I hope You can undestand my concern. and advise me for right approach.