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    Intel DP965LT Board - Queries - Thanks in advance :)

      Hi Guys,


      I've got an intel DP965LT board


      I'm currently running windows xp pro.

      i have 2x 320 gig sata2 hard disks

      2x 1 gig ddr2 667 ram



      I'm thinking of upgrading my com a bit. I'm planning to get another 2 more sticks of 1 gig ram and get my 3rd harddisk - a seagate 2 TB hard disk and install windows 7 on it.


      Does anyone know if this motherboard has any limits to Hard Disks size? If there is, what is the maximum size Hard Disk it can support?


      I've tried reading up as many forums / posts as i could find and theres nothing about this.


      Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.