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    Is this speed to be expected?


      Good morning every one!


      I just got a new PC and installed SSD. Sytem Info and speed as follows:


      Model: Fujitsu T900 Tablet

      CPU: core i7

      RAM: 4 gb

      HDD: Intel x25m 80G SSD

      CrystalDiskMark Normal.PNG

      I simply removed the existing HDD and replace it with the SSD. Then I did a clean installation. I did not manually install TRIM, Toolbox, Intel driver or Intel Matrix Storage Manager.


      My questions are:

      1. Is the speed OK?

      2. Do I need to install Toolbox, Intel driver or Intel Matrix Storage Manager?

      3. TRIM is enabled (I checked with the CMD method) but does it only work when toolbox is installed?


      I am a layman and would appreciate your advice. Thank you.