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    I/O Shield for D915GUX


      I am looking to purchase a replacement I/O shield for a D915GUX desktop board. I have seen the listing at http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-009031.htm and my board is listed as using the C72379-001 I/O shield, but the picture shown does not match the ports present on my board. My board has a Firewire port above the leftmost set of USB ports, and the picture does not include this. The manual for my board lists this port as "optional", so it seems that some versions of the board do not include this port. What is the correct I/O shield to buy for this board? How can I ensure that the I/O shield I receive does in fact include an opening for the Firewire port? I can upload high-resolution pictures of the board and its external I/O ports if necessary. Thank you.

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          Anyone care to help me with this? I tried asking Intel themselves first, because it sounded like something one of their sales people could answer very easily, but they just linked me here. I wouldn't be suprised if they didn't even read my question. It's strange how all I want to do is buy something from them, and they can't even tell me what products they sell. So any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.

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            Don't give up with trying Intel directly again. I had similar troubles when trying to buy a compatible serial port header pin connector (needed to know if it was cross-over or straight wired). Depending where you are located will determine what options you have for buying parts. You may also find using a search engine comes up with some sellers.