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    X4500 Graphics: Monitor dead after system resumes from sleep


      Hello everyone -


      I'm having problems using the Intel X4500 integrated graphics with my ViewSonic VG2030wm (VS11425) monitor.


      I have an Intel DQ45CB motherboard and dual monitors, both connected using DVI. The primary monitor is the ViewSonic VG2030wm, and the secondary an LG L1710B. I'm using the most recent drivers ( on Windows 7 x64.


      When the computer resumes from sleep, the ViewSonic never resumes from its standby state. Windows plays the device removal sound, and as far as the system is concerned, the monitor is no longer connected to the computer at all. Similar behaviour occurs if you unplug the monitor's DVI cable from the computer - the system correctly realises it's no longer connected, but then when you reconnect the cable, the system still doesn't see the monitor.


      1) I've tried other monitors, and they don't have the problem.

      2) The problem also occurs if the ViewSonic monitor is the only monitor connected to the machine.

      3) I've also tried it with fresh Windows XP and Vista installs on the same machine, with the same result.

      4) I've tried an NVidia and an ATI card in the same computer, and they both *don't* exhibit the problem.
      5) I've tried other DVI cables.


      I've tested older drivers, and the problem isn't present in version, but does appear with all later versions I can find. I don't want to stick with the old driver version any more because its tendency to crash is getting extremely annoying.


      Please, can anyone help? Thanks very much.