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    usb keyboard and trackball on hub, detection issues



      Using DB43LD, errors under bios 30, and 35 (current), if system power settings are set to stay off after power failure we never have issue using them. Once system gets into Win 7 they come up eventualy but unless the hub is unplugged and replugged into the system it will not detect them until in OS- we cant get into the cmos unless we replug the hub in the system after it is up or into a different usb port. System is an industrial controller so needs to return to on state after power fail, but Power on and Last State introduce error.

      Using 480W PSU, Ultra UL40280 USB2.0 4 port hub, Logitech Trackman Wheel (usb on hub or on system , error persists), ACK-595U mini-keyboard (usb on hub but have also tried with other Mini-USB keyboards and a Micro innovation normal keyboard), Intel E5300 CPU, 2GB DDR2 800 (2 1GB sticks), connecting hub via the rear connectors on I-O (no difference if in the set near DVI or under ethernet). Behaves same way whether in Win7-XP Pro- or even when no hard drive on system for boot.

      Add on cards not in use.


      What do I look at next or should I go to PS/2?