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    USB to PS2 Converter not working as expected


      Hi all


      Have a issue with 24 Intel DG41RQ Motherboards. I have recently run out of my PS2 Mice and as such, started to use the build up of USB i had laying around. Unfortunately, due to the set-up of the systems, they need to use the PS2 slots. All the USB mice came with USB to PS2 converters. These work fine in several other MBs but not in the DG41RQ.


      I have tried flashing the BIOS to the latest, as well as trying various older ones.


      When the machine is powered down, the mouse lights up. On powering on, the mouse flashes in time with the Num/Scrol/Caps lock buttons on the keyboard.


      I can confirm i have not got the KB and Mouse the wrong round.


      Any help would be much appreciated as this is causing havoc with classes.