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    945 Mobile Chipset Drivers...


      This is gonna sound crazy, but I have a pc with the 945 Mobile Chipset Drivers on it.  Anyway I use a KVM switch to go between my different PC's.  If I boot the pc with the 945 chipset an let it get into windows prior to switching to it, the screen is black...  It doesnt register that there is a monitor connected to it... After remoting into the PC, I see that drivers automagically decided that it now has 2 monitors attached to it.  One's a laptop and the other is a just a second monitor that obviously isnt the one that is connected to it.  This is really annoying as I have to change the display settings each time this happens (change display and resolution). 


      Why does it do this?  Is there a way to prevent it from doing this?  Can I check a box somewhere or edit the registry? 


      I have contacted the manufacturer (Acrosser) but they dont know what to do I get the "Oh really?" response.  That's not good enough, the drivers should use the settings they are given rather than going on a rampage and messing everything up.