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    dh57jg prime95 failure and random restarts


      Hey all,


      I'm trying to find some answers for a new computer I built in April.  I have already RMA the ram once and the random restarts continue.

      I have an OCZ thread here


      I have no errors with memtest86 when I test each stick indivudually and together at 9-9-9-20 1.7v settings.  Prime95 is a different story.

      Here is the prime95 results for the more stable stick of ram:


      worker 1 failed after 16 tests at 30 min

      worker 2 failed after 5 tests at 17 min

      worker 3 failed after 56 tests at 1hr and 32 min

      worker 4 failed after 13 tests at 36 min


      Here is the prime95 results for the other stick of ram:


      worker 3 failed at 1 min

      worker 4 failed at 4 min

      worker 1 failed at 5 min

      worker 2 failed at 7 min


      Just tested with the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool with both sticks of ram and it failed. Here are the results:


      --- Reading CPU Frequency ---

      Expected CPU Frequency is --> 2.93

      Detected CPU Frequency is --> 2.97359

      CPU Frequency Test Passed!!!

      --- FSB NOT Supported on this Processor ---

      --- Running Base Clock test ---

      --- IPDT encountered problem loading driver ---

      This could be related to IPDT.exe not having administrator privileges.

      Check the property settings for IPDT.exe and set privilege setting to

      adminstrator and re-run IPDT.

      --- Test End Time: 07/25/2010 20:26:52---


      Is this a motherboard or CPU failure then?  How could I get this machine more stable?  How could I test the CPU and Motherboard?  I don't have any other DDR 3 ram to test with. Thanks all.


      This is the hardware set up:


      Mobo: Intel DH57JG

      BIOS: JGIBX10J.86A.0396.2010.0309.2234

      CPU: Intel core i3 530

      RAM: OCZ3F13334GK Vid:

      HD 5650 PSU: OCZ600MXSP

      HDD: Ridata 128 GB SSD NSSD-X25-128C07MPN

      OS: WIndows 7 professional