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    GMA3150 / WinXP: Display settings always use LVDS monitor, can't set VGA as primary monitor.


      I have a problem running with the VGA monitor as the only and primary monitor.


      I have a N450 / ICH8 computer with both LVDS and VGA outputs. (The Advantech AIMB-212N to be specific).
      I am running Windows XP 32 bit.


      I have tried both version 5260 and 5134 of the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 Driver.

      After installing the GMA driver and rebooting the computer always goes to use LVDS as primary, causing my VGA monitor to go black.

      The only way to run the computer is to uninstall the Intel GMA 3150 drivers and use WinXP builtin VGA driver instead.

      I have tried to set VGA output as primary monitor in WinXP display settings, and disable the LVDS monitor.
      The driver seems to ignore this setting, as soon as I press "OK" or "Apply" from Display Settings the VGA output is turned off.


      (Also checked if the BIOS has an alternative to turn off LVDS feature, but it doesn't)