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    New Fibonacci 2.5.2


      I have set the bar higher with the new version of Fibonacci, now that  I have 4 GB of RAM I cranked up the RAM test to make it more meaningful  for DDR3 and the upcoming DDR4 next year.

      I added a check to make sure that the user has the RAM to prevent crashing the machine,


      Fibonacci 2.5.2


      (c) 2010 583727 BC Ltd, free for personal use



      AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+  2860 MHz  4096 MB RAM


      Terminal Performance: 10.14 seconds


      RAM Performance: 5.975 seconds


      Scalar Performance: 11.451 seconds


      CPU Large Multiplication Performance: 22.23 seconds


      Parallel vector<big_int> Performance: 24.898 seconds


      Recursive Factorial Performance: 39.874 seconds


      Parallel Bitwise Sieve of Eratosthenes Performance: 95.69 seconds


      Parallel Goldbach Conjecture Performance: 13.073 seconds


      Parallel Collatz Conjecture Performance: 45.163 seconds


      Parallel vector<float> normalization: 1.732 seconds


      Parallel vector<double> normalization: 1.95 seconds


      Parallel matrix<float> multiplication: 24.867 seconds


      Parallel matrix<double> multiplication: 25.802 seconds