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    Bios Settings for USB Booting


      Hello to everyone

      I got a Intel DG33 FB motherboard where i enabled booting from USB. When i use the USB it boots from it and i can even start some bootable ISO's from it. My problem is with the Hiren Boot CD. When i try to boot the hiren boot cd, it boots from it, it gives me a menu to choose from, it starts to load the drivers and somewhere along the way it gets stuck or says it can't find the HBCD folder (it's a folder inside hiren boot cd).

      It may sound strange that I am asking this query about hiren cd here. But i have a reason for asking this. Whenever i try to boot the hiren cd from USB external DVD-Rom, or from USB pendrive i am able to boot , but while loading the drivers it gets stuck or says can't find HBDC folder ( a folder inside hiren boot cd).  In the beginning i thought the problem was with the hiren boot cd, but now i realized it is with the USB settings of my motherboard. This same cd works fine on a internal DVD-Rom, but fails in USB mode ( USB DVD-Rom, USB pendrive).

      So was wondering what settings i have to adjust in the bios of my Intel DG 33 FB motherboard. Maybe there are 2-3 settings out of which one is not properly adjusted for USB condition.

      Thanxs for taking time to read this post, any help would be great.....

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          Hi, the only settings you can play around with are enable usb boot, boot usb devices first and possibly usb legacy.

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            Firstly thank you for reading my post and for the answer.....

            I have those options, but i also have an option to choose from whether to boot USB as


            (2.)Removable device

            (3)Fixed Device




            Boot USB in Zip Emulation



            You see there are so many extra combinations and permutations that can confuse.

            Basically a new problem that i am facing is that i have a 1TB WD (My Passport) external hardisk, which i wanted to use as a boot device. I wanted to make it into a USB (like a pendrive where you can install bootable iso cd's from the portable HDD, i have done it for a usb pendrive), but have not been able to do it for this 1TB external HDD. It just doesnt recognise (boot) from the 1TB external HDD, and so i was wondering what settings do i have to adjust in the BIOS for the 1TB external HDD to be recognised in the same way that the usb pendrive is recognised.... the pendrive is only 8GB so no problem, but i think there might be something that i have to do in the BIOS settings of the USB options for the 1TB external HDD to be regonised.