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    Intel VPro i5 / i7 kvm 3rd party video card support

      This post is intended to recommend that Intel reevaluates 3rd party video card support.


      Current senario

      We have ordered VPro certified laptops ( which included high end nvidia graphics cards ) because of requirements of various applications that we use.


      Come to find out VPro works but does not support KVM / CLI access


      Then I decided to try and find a laptop with the requirements of videocard and still included the integrated video adapter


      There are many laptops that have vpro i5 / i7 but very few had the additional on board video adapter to support remote kvm / cli


      This would all easily be solved if there was minimal video support for 3rd party video adapters


      It really should not be that difficult


      Its either that or you do not allow your partners to certifiy product as i5 /i7 vpro unless it includes the integrated video adapter