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    DX58SO Random Reboots


      Hi Guy's, I’m new to this forum and have a very frustrating problem!!


      I recently (about a month ago) got myself a

      DX58SO Smackover motherboard (new)

      500 watt power supply (new)

      2x 1gig kingston 1066 ram (checked for compatibility)

      1 T/B Samsung 7200 rpm 32 meg (new)

      Intel® Core i7 930 Processor 2.80 GHZ (new)

      Asus 9600 GT (new)

      Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit


      The problem I'm having is that it reboots randomly. It started from day one where I installed the operating sys. After the installation it went for the first reboot. Just after the cold boot - as it wants’ to start-up the windows, it' reboots and it cycles like that the hole time. Even if I try to start-up in safe mode, it does exactly the same. After a half hour I tried to boot again and booted 100%. Normally I leave my pc on 24/7. The next day as I wanted to install some programs (while it has been on the hole night) it rebooted again, just as I wanted to do some processing. After that reboot, it keeps on rebooting just as it wants’ to start-up windows. Sometimes I can work for hours, even days, but it still reboots randomly - sometimes even with no processing at all. I have installed win xp on the same drive and on other drives - and it does exactly the same. I've tried other ram as well and rebooted as well on default bios setting.


      If updated my bios and played with my setting's. Here is most of my config:













      And still after a month period, it still does the same. Any help would be very much appreciated!!!


      Thanks in advance