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    No Bios operation on DP965LT


      I have DP965LT that apparently self destructed when changing the bios settings for DDR2 800 memory. The board operated fine until the manual change to set speed to 800 Mhz. Auto had chosen less. Now there is no bios display. I have removed the battery for over an hour as recommended but no change. Only the fans run, often they cycle on and off.


      The memory has been tested as 100% on another system. The system voltages for 12V,5V and CPU are all fine. There seems to be no method of bios recovrey in that the CD/DVD drive and floppy are inactive, also the bios chip is not removable. Two different processors and two different graphics cards make no difference. The motherboard appears to be useless.


      I might add this is the second DG965RY board to do exactly the same. Nothing could be done about the first board as it was in a computer that was run over by a vehicle on its way to repair.

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          Hi, try a BIOS recovery update http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023360.htm


          i and just to check, when you cleared CMOS, you had the power cable disconnected right?

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            Thanks for input. Yes the board was totally disconnected whilst battery was removed.


            I have already looked at bios recovery. This requires an active CD/DVD, floppy or USB. There is no life there, there must be an active device to load bios recovery.

            I removed the jumper for recovery mode, it makes no difference. A disaster board, I am used to Gigabyte boards that recover from bios errors with no problem, they also have a removable bios chip if it gets really bad. Neither is available on this board.

            Not very good Intel.


            I should add that two identical boards failed in the same way. No bios after a memory speed change. The first was destroyed when run over by a vehicle on the way to repair. Hence a second board was applied, it functioned correctly with Windows XP until the same apparently irrecoverable adjustment was made. The detail being above.


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