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    Unable to move RAID 1 volume to larger WD 2TB drives


      After numerous attempts to upgrade my RAID 1 volume to new WD 2TB SATA drives,I am seeking help.  I have followed very closely the  instructions for moving my RAID 1 volume to larger hard drives as outlined on Intel   document  reference_content_intelmatrixstorageconsole.pdf 

      Step 7 in the instructions state "Click Reset Disks to Non-Raid."  Once this step is complete the new drive will not boot.  When selecting windows safe mode It will briefly begin loading and listing the files.  It always halts & restarts when file null.exe (from my memory, may be slightly different) is run.  Attempting various workarounds I was able to get the drive to start up when I change my BIOS setting from ACHI / RAID to RAID only.  It then starts up in ATA.  Not utilizing the ACHI.

      Question 1) When selecting Reset Disks to Non-RAID, I am presented the option of selection either or both of the two disks.  (One is the original smaller drive, the other is the larger drive)  I have been selecting both.  Perhaps you can clarify / comment.

      Question 2) I have upgraded my Bios to the most current version.  I have also found on your site updated chipset driver INF Update Utility infinst911_autol.exe.  Prior to my next attempt I am planning to upgrade the driver set as perhaps the older set is not completely compatible with the new 2 TB drives.  Any advise on the upgrade of the chipset drivers and the issue at hand would be very much appreciated.



      Dell XPS 400,  with Intel 945 Express Chipset Family, Memory controller 82945G/GZ, I/O Controller 82801GH (ICH7DH) STAT controller in RAID 1 Mode.

      Vista 32. Also updated to Intel Matrix Storage Console v8.8.  And updated Dell BIOS from version A04 to A07.

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          I have read somewhere what RAID is limited up to 1,3 Go.

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            Resolved.   After spending too many days in an attempt to transfer to the new 2 TB drives I decided to start fresh.  Since I had upgraded from XP to Vista I had the original Vista Upgrade DVD's.  I removed one of the two original drives & install one of the new 2 TB drives.  Then installed a clean version of Vista onto the new 2 TB drive.   I also transferred all the data over to the new drive.  For some reason the system would only work if I changed the BIOS setting to Raid Only.   Then replaced the 2nd old drive with the 2nd new 2TB drive.  Was able to mirror the drives.   You will need to run windows update about 5 times.... reload your software, etc.  Plan to spend an entire day to accomplish this.


            While the Raid system was always able to boot and recover with either of the original drives, it was very disappointing that the system would not allow for a drive upgrade.  Since I used a work around I don't know why it would not work.  Could be Windows, Intel chip set, or perhaps BIOS issue.  Don't know.  But it was a very time consuming, frustrating event!


            It has now been some time since I completed the upgrade.  I can report that I am Very Pleased with the results.  Between the fresh vista install & new WD hard drives my system performance improved significantly!  It put new life into this PC.