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    X25 for Enterprise use


      H all,


      I am looking an upgrading/replacing my SAN with some SSDs (SAN will be used for Oracle OLTP DB Cluster)


      I am potentially looking at X25-E disks (12 in a RAID 10), but I have been told a better/more ecomonical use would be a RAID5, and the actual difference on SSD between the two RAID levels is minimal (as compared to conventional HDDs where the write impact is noticable). I know it will come down to the read/write ratios, etc. but does anyone have any experience of the actual difference?


      Also, I said I was looking at the X25-E (or OCZ 2 EX), but a SAN manufacturer is trying to convince me that the X25-M (mlc) will be fine. Any comments on this?





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          The only problem with using SSDs in RAID is the Tool Box will not work because it can not distinguish the difference one drive for another , So it would hard to keep them clean and the performance would degrade over time.

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            Hi there,


            Thanks for replying


            I hadn't even considered/thought about the Intel software tools (assumed the tool wouln't work as these disks will be in a 8Gbps FC SAN)


            Does anyone have any data on RAID 10 v RAID 5 with SSD in an ORacle environment?






            ps - Anyone know when the Intel 100GB eMLC drives will be released?