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    RCCE Emulator


      Do we have access to the RCCE Emulator? If yes, where can we get this from.


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          The RCCE emulator is part of the RCCE download.

          You can get the RCCE source at http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/tags/.


          When you configure and build RCCE you can choose to configure and build for the SCC hardware or for teh RCCE emulator (which emulates with OpenMP). We build the RCCE emulator with either the latest icc or the latest gcc, not with the cross compilers. It runs on the MCPC or any Linux-based PC.


          Please look at the SCC Platform Overview for details on how to buld and run teh emulator.

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            The link you provided opens a directory with many RCCE versions.

            Is there a TAR file for each RCCE version?


            SCC_Platform_Overview, 10.1.1 - This chapter suggests a file named RCCEv1.04.tar.bz2. Where can we get this file or a similar file?



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              I'd recommend getting RCCE from the trunk. We make release tags ... last one is 1.0.13. We'll make a 1.1 tag in the next few days.


              These aren't tar files. We provide the source. You must check out the source and build it yourself. It builds quickly and easily.

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                Thanks. Still confused though... How do I download the whole ".../rcce/" content?

                When I click it, it shows me more sub-directories, as if I'm browsing for files, although I can't copy a whole library.


                I experienced this before elsewhere, but every repository I ever browsed had a compressed version of all the sub-directories, in one TAR file (or RAR, ZIP, etc.)


                I can copy-paste each file separately into emacs, but something tells me this is not what I should do every time you release a new version

                Is there a magic trick I don't know?

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                  Please don't copy/paste.

                  It's an svn repository with permissions for anonymous checkout.


                  On Linux (which is mostly what I use), you can

                  create a directory (called for example, sandbox)

                  cd sandbox

                  then issue the command

                  svn co http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/trunk/rcce/


                  The directory stucture will appear under a directory called rcce in sandbox.


                  On Mac, svn is there and operates the same as on Linux.


                  On Windows, I use TortoiseSVN. It has a Gui for checkout.

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                    Done. Thanks!


                    Proceeding with the guidelines inside SCC_Platform_Overview, 10.1.1 -

                    (changed to g++ in symbols.in)

                    ./configure emulator


                    The last command generates warnings and errors:

                         /home/SCC_kit/1.3.0/try/src/RCCE_reduce.c:134:8: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive

                         /home/SCC_kit/1.3.0/try/src/RCCE_reduce.c:134:8: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif directive

                         /home/SCC_kit/1.3.0/try/include/RCCE_lib.h:153: error: ‘WORDSIZE’ has not been declared
                         /home/SCC_kit/1.3.0/try/include/RCCE_lib.h:153: error: ‘LEFTMOSTBIT’ has not been declared



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                      Hmmm ... haven't tried the emulator in a while. The warning is easily fixed. Sadly, I can reproduce the error.


                      It builds with ./configure SCC_LINUX and icc. But this is for loading on the cores; I'm surprised to see an error under emulator and not SCC_LINUX. So it looks as if the emulator is broken. What platform are you running on?


                      Did you make an account on our Bugzilla?  http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/bugzilla3/   Want to file a bug?


                      There were some recent changes to SINGLEBITFLAGS. I'll look at the bug myself. If you see a solution, please post it here or in Bugzilla.

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                        Well, the trunk is the leading edge and the emulator does not work in the trunk, But I can build the emulator when I check out the latest tag.


                        svn co http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/tags/RCCE_V1.0.13/


                        I can in the trunk get past the WORDSIZE and LEFTMOSTBIT error with

                        #ifdef SINGLEBITFLAGS
                        #ifdef _OPENMP
                        extern int            WORDSIZE;
                        extern int            LEFTMOSTBIT;

                        #define RCCE_FLAGS_PER_BYTE 8
                        #define RCCE_FLAGS_PER_BYTE 1


                        But then I get other errors in RCCE_memcpy.c (which was also recently added).


                        You might want to stick with the latest tag when using the emulator. And file a bug. We won't make a 1.1 tag until this emulator issue is resolved.

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                          Thanks for filing the bug. It is bug 132. Discussion moved to Bugzilla. Fix is in progress.

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                            Just updating - it works for the tagged version.

                            I did not try to fix the definitions.