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    Nasty Overheat or Faulty Sensors?


      Hello intel family, well i got a Quad2Core q6660 on a DGB33U (updated bios)...

      So when gaming my computer just started to shutdown on Overheating problem...

      As a intermediate user, i tryed to solve the problem myself...

      Unsuccessful... I'm here asking you guys help.


      I downloaded a few programs to see my CPU's Temperature and i took a screenshot for you guys:


      So, one program say -30º others say +100º...


      So after that i decided to download Intel Desktop Utilities, giving me more infos.


      Processor Thermal Margin 0º ?


      So i have no ideia what is happening,

      If faulty sensors problem, how do i just turn off this security shutdown thing?

      if overheat, how to proceed? manufacturing problem? Bad windows installation?



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          I can think of a couple of places where your rig is acting up. Check you CPU cooler and make sure the fins are free from dust. You may have to also replace the thermal grease if it has failed. The CPU should not be over 60C.


          The graphics card can also overheat and it also needs to have clear fins.


          If you case is marginal, a beter model will have more fans to remove excess heat.