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    Memory Voltage Fears.


      I 'm hoping someone can give me a difinitive answer about this.........

      Just finished building a new PC using an i3 cpu and an Asus P7H55-M mobo, my memory modules are 2x2gb Crucial ddr3 1600 1.65volts and 2x2gb Kingston ddr3 1333 1.5volts. Is it safe to use this combination of memory modules? I am intending to use the PC for processing photographs only, so I won't be overclocking etc.

      I'm afraid I may do damage to some of the components.

      Would turning the mobo dram voltage down to 1.5 volts be of benefit

      Please Help!


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          The important thing is to not use memory with voltage over 1.65v as this could damage the memory controller. otehrwise you should be fine. It ain't usually recommended to put diff manufacturers of memory on teh same board simply because they mat be incompatible, but nowadays boards can cope better with this.  you will soon find out if it boots up or not.

          In tehory running RAM at 1.5v will increase your life of the CPU, but we are talking something liek 20 to 25...

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            Capt.Dogfruit, thank you for your reply to my query.I will try it out later on today.


            Why can't Intel offically clear up this whole issue regarding the use of 1.65 volt memory modules!