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    Vpro outside corporate firewall


      1-can i view VPRo enabled remote computer's (out of corporate network) console.

      how to connect to the computer which is outside of our corporate firewall.


      2-using manageability commander tool>take control> but unable to view remote computer's screen.

      Web interface is working fine.

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          Yes, you can connect and remotely managed a vPro-enabled computer using a feature called "Fast Call for Help", also known as Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA). I suggest that you review this article for more information about this feature. Additionally, the Intel AMT SDK has working samples and a reference Management Presence Server (MPS) that you can use to evaluate this feature.


          As for getting the Manageability Commander Tool to work, there are several steps that you need to take:

          1. Perform the necessary steps for configuring your networking environment and configure the vPro-enabled computer to support the CIRA usages.

          2. Within Commander, you will need to add the MPS as a separate device. Right click on the Network icon and select Add MPS Server. Provide the server hostname/IP address and port numbers as they are configured for your network setup.

          3. Now you will need to add the target vPro-enabled computer to the MPS by right clicking on the new MPS in Commander and Select Add Intel® AMT Computer. Provide the hostname/FQDN of the remote vPro-enabled computer and AMT user credentials.

          4. On the remote vPro-enabled computer you can either use the Intel Management and Security Status panel (running in the system tray) or the Manageability Connector Tool to initiate the remote connection.

          5. Then, within Commander, you should be able to connect to the remote system through the MPS. NOTE: You must attempt to connect to the system defined under the MPS within Commander. Otherwise, Commander will not know to use the MPS as a SOCKS proxy.


          If successful, you should be able to perform Remote Control from within Commander on the system that is outside your corporate network.