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      I have instal on my machine 2 processors E5410, my board is a s5000xvn, but when the machine starts apears a fatal error 19A.

      Processor voltage mismatch detected.

      The error code value identifies the error

      Fatal sevrity requires user intervention and prohibits system boot.

      Wha can i do for solve this problem?


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          Boot with one CPU and update BIOS/firmware. What's the sSpec# of your CPUs? sSpec# is a 5-letter string on the CPU starts with "SL"

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            Is you board a S5000XVN or S5000XVNR?  You will likly need to check the mother board part number to tell. It should be displied under system management - system Information in BIOS set-up


            E11034-xxx or E11030-xxx should work with the E541=0


            The original S5000XVN only supports 50xx, 51xx & 53xx processors,

            The refresh version added a circuit to swith the core voltage to support 52xx,& 54xx,


            If you install a E5410 on an pre-refresh S5000XVN you will get a "Processor voltage mismatch detected." error.