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    SSD toolbox


      I have an intel SSD X25-M. After I installed the toolbox utility which was downloaded from intel website, it is showing the error connecting to the drive.

      my motherboard chipset is nvidia 680i chipset (Asus P5N32-E Sli Plus). However, when i took it out of my PC into another PC, it works fine on that PC.

      Could anyone tell me the reason? could it because of the sata or IDE controller in the bios?

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          Is your SYS set to AHCI mode , If not the Intel RST software will not install.

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            Have you downloaded the Intel SSD Toolbox User Guide? This might give some information on what the problem is. If you haven't here's the link:



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              My motherboard did not have any ahci mode~

              what else I can do?

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                I assume you have been into the BIOS? You should firstly set the BIOS to either AHCI or RAID. If you still have your mobo's manual you might get some guidance on how to do this. You should then do a fresh install of the OS. I assume you have Windows 7 or Vista? If you don't there's not a great deal of point to setting the BIOS to AHCI or RAID. If your mobo doesn't have an AHCI or RAID mode then it must be ancient. One option is to buy an Intel RAID controller PCI card which will enable you to choose RAID before you install the OS.



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                  I am pretty sure that my motherboard doesn't have AHCI mode or raid mode either. But my motherboard does have

                  raid controller, is this raid mode?

                  (Soon after I enabled the SATA controller and enabled the particular SATA port, my motherboard could not recognize the ssd )

                  I am running windows 7.

                  Which mode should the SSD run on? IDE mode ? AHCI mode? or RAID mode?

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                    Your board can run AHCI , But you will have to first get the latest bios installed than do a fresh install of your OS , When you do the install of the OS , make sure in the BIOS it is set in the SATA section of BIOS , To AHCI than install your OS if you are going to use windows 7 ( Highly Recomended ) 7 Has the native drivers for AHCI , which have to be installed before you install the SSD software like Tool BoX

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                      "My motherboard did not have any ahci mode~

                      what else I can do?"


                      I'm starting to doubt your post's accuracy. I think you need to thoroughly read your motherboard's manual, specifically where it mentions the options for IDE, AHCI and RAID. I had assumed your statement that your 'motherboard did not have any ahci mode' was accurate.


                      Read this: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/CS-015988.htm


                      If your drive isn't recognized it could be formatted in FAT32.

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                        The SATA controller HAS to be set to AHCI before you install the OS. Changing after the OS is installed can be done BUT it involves some REGISTRY EDITING and if you are not comfortable doing the Reg. Edit , RE-Install the OS.

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                          "My motherboard did not have any ahci mode~

                          what else I can do?"


                          How can it be set to AHCI? Apparently there's been a mix-up.

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                            Mike whats the model of your board??

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                              Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus.


                              I know I have to set it to AHCI mode before I go ahead to install OS.

                              However, there is no AHCI option to be chosen. How can I select AHCI mode before I go ahead?

                              Also, this is what I want to know.

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                                my motherboard has got the latest Bios already.

                                I have got the sata controller, but the  sata controller does not provide AHCI option.

                                It only allows me to enable the raid, that's all.

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                                  I am serious. I am pretty sure that my motherboard does not have any AHCI mode or raid mode. I can set raid and configure raid but it does not help

                                  to get the toolbox installed. My drive is NTFS NOT FAT32.

                                  My motherboard model is Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus and it is nvidia chipset. (AHCI is only avaliable in intel chipset, correct?)

                                  I think the link would not help me because mine is nvidia chipset not intel chipset.

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                                    I had a quick look the manual for your mobo and it looks like you don’t have the option to set to AHCI. (Unless a newer bios update fixed it and its not been updated in the manual).


                                    You can however set it to RAID, which should let a single drive operate in AHCI mode.  (Page4-28)


                                    To get the most out of your drive I would consider switching to an Intel ICH9/10 mobo. All SSD’s (not just Intel drives) perform better on Intel controllers.

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