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    Gigabyte Ga-EP55-UD3P


      I would like to use the Gigabyte GA-EP55-UD3P motherboard. I would also like to use ECC ram, thereby requiring a Xeaon 3500 series CPU (otherwise I would use an i7-860). Gigabyte 'officially' indicates they haven't tested/certified with ECC or Xeon therefore they can't say it will work, but they also won't say it won't.


      A few google attempts show some people claiming that combo has worked for them, but these are just someone's post to a blog, not 'authoritative' like an Toms Hardware or Anadtech review.


      Can anyone have an authoritative answer? Can I use the Gigabyte GA-EP55-UD3P motherboard with a Xeon and ECC/


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          If the desktop board does not support the processor and it has not been officially tested, this may permanently damage the processor, memory and the desktop board and will void the warranty on the processor.


          I do recommend, to avoid you any inconveniences like blue screens or system stability problem, to use a processor that it has been fully tested on your desktop board .

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            Hi- thanks for your reply/cautionary note. Just like anything like overclocking, there are unofficial things people do, sometimes without success, and sometimes with great success, which is the question here. There are people using/doing it apparently, buI am looking for anyone with either more info on success, or valid reasons why it wouldn't work, as the chipset is valid. Thanks for now.