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    SRCSASJV RAID controller permanent alarm


      I have got the following hardware configuration:

      Tyan S5396 mainboard

      Intel E5405 CPU

      16 GB Kingston DDR2 FB-DIMM

      Intel Pro PT 1000 Dual Port adapter

      Intel SRCSASJV RAID controller with 6 disks


      In my configuration I have got 2 RAID arrays from those 6 disks. 4 of them (1 TB) are in a RAID 5 level. And two of them (750 GB) are in a RAID 1 level.

      Some time ago I recognized alarm because one of the 750 GB disks was failed (physically ok maybe the connection was not ok). So I changed it to an other 750 GB disk from the same type. Those 3 were used in a different server before with a software RAID 5 configured (Windows 2008 R2).

      After I attached the disk I nearly broke my system because I missed to wipe the disk before (I forgotten because I turned off the old server some time ago).

      At this point the RAID 5 was failed, too (maybe of the other configuration which was on the disk).


      What ever. I was able to laod the propper configuration out of the disks and after rebuild everything was green again. So all systems are marked as optimal. But the alarm is still present and I don't know why. I also powered off the server and disconnect him from power but the alarm was still present.

      I can not see any errors at the system because the RAID controller sais "optimal".


      What is the problem with the controller?