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    DP55WB MB with Windows 2008 Server


      I know that Windows 2008 Server is not listed as a supported OS for the DP55WB motherboard. The list seems to list OS' such as Windows XP, Vista and 7.   But, I didn't know OS mattered to a motherboard until I ordered this board after carefully selecting which CPU I wanted, and started to research parts and peripherals so I can build it.  I've worked with replacing ram, drives, etc, before, but never built a computer from scratch. I do know that there are compatibility issues with things to plug into the board, etc.  I had no idea until now that OS mattered.  My goal with this desktop is to build something that I can use as a learning tool as I am a student of Microsoft certs.  I want to install Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio, etc, all to be used by little old me who just wants some "hands on" to go with my learning courses.  In the past, I took an old personal desktop running Windows 95 or 98 and installed Windows Server 2000 on it without a problem.  So, I didn't think OS mattered.  What I'm asking here is whether Windows Server 2008 will even install or work if I try to install it on this machine using this motherboard?  Or, do I need to return my order and order something else? Is it just that certain features won't work, etc, or are there certain drivers I won't be able to live without, etc.?   I started this project when I looked at the system requirements for Visual Studio, and it says I need Windows Server 2008.  Since I have no desktop that meets today's specs anymore, I am now building this.  Thank you for any input, etc.

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          With rare exception, any desktop board should be able to run just about any flavor of Windows including Windows 2008 Server. You might want to flash the firmware to the most recent version. You can also boot to a Linux Live CD or DVD of your choice. Knoppix will run on just about anything. Also, try running it with out a RAID to start. Let us know how it goes.

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            Sorry. Didn't realize I never rated or replied before.


            So far, it's been fine after I tried win2008, then replaced it with some supposedly rare version of XP, but finding out I couldn't get the desired host and guest combinations I wanted using things like MS Virtual PC and Virtual Server, etc. So, now I have Win 7 Pro 64-bit as my host and Oracle Virtual Box hosting a guest of Windows Server 2008 and SQL server 2008.   Not sure if it's related to any software but ever since I built this desktop, it randomly experiences a complete lockup even during very low usage and I have to power it down at the switch as it won't let me do anything else.  I'd like to learn Hyper-V but then realized it's a standalone product which would wipeout my existing setup, so hoping that VirtualBox or something will allow me to make an image of the machine as is so that I may then have my win7 pro as a guest within Hyper-v.  Just don't have too much time at the moment as I'm busy looking for a job.

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              I didn't know OS mattered to a motherboard


              Not really. But sometimes you just can''t find the appropriate drivers. e,g. I tried to install Win XP x64 on a Dell Inspiron 530 and never could find the drivers for all of the on-board elements, the worst being the LAN, I had to install a PCI card to get it.

              Theoretically, Win' Server '08 should not give any problems.

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