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    Intel RST service not running


      I've been happily running Intel Rapid Storage Technology on Windows 7 64-bit for a few months. In past few days the RST icon in the windows desktop tray has shown a yellow triangle after log in, and a pop up bubble saying "Intel RST service not running". Looking at Component Services/Local services from windows control panel, it shows a service named "Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology", with status of blank, and startup type "Automatic (delayed Start)". But now it doesn't start however long one waits after log in. One can start it manually, and it then works ok but it's no longer starting by itself. One can also start it simply by right clicking the tray icon and OPENing.


      Actually, I've found over the past week that it doesn't show these symptoms on all boots; sometimes everything works normally.


      Anyone have a fix for this?