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    Q8300 Overheating


      Hello. As the title suggests I have a problem with overheating. When idle it seems to be about 50-55C and when playing games the temperature goes up to 65-75C, I'm not sure how quadcores supposed to work but it doesn't seem normal to me, well, is it normal or maybe malfunctioning cpu? I'm not like getting bluescreens or any errors but worried it might just fry in a couple of months and then I'll have to buy a CPU again. Could someone enlighten me on this?


      I have a decent stock fan (I think): Aerocool DCC C900. And just in case, I have: P5G41CM-LX motherboard, 2x2 gb DDR3 rams, 9800GT gfx card and a Coolermaster 690 Nvidia edition case with lots of fans all around.


      PS: Also, I've checked for dust with compressed air and there wasn't any. The PC is relatively new. And I haven't overclocked anything.