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    Unable to Run Windows 7 64 bit with RAID




      I have an Intel D975XBX2 board, and am having a horrible time trying to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit using a RAID0 configuration.


      I have always run Windows XP 32 bit on a RAID and it works perfectly...  I have 2 250GB drives that i want to run as a 500GB partition


      Here is what happens:


      When i boot the system, I enter the Marvell RAID controller with Ctrl+M and create the RAID0 array.  Then i proceed with the windows installation, and when I get to the section where i have to choose the disk to install to, I load the correct drivers from a floppy, and the installation will detect the 500 GB partition, no problems yet....


      Windows 7 will then install fine, up to the point when it has to reboot the system for the first time, at which point it will get the "Starting Windows" screen, give a BSOD, and reboot the system.  When the system starts, the RAID Array in the marvell controller will be deleted, and Im back to square one.


      I am at a complete loss...  Is this board able to run Windows 7 on a RAID?  Do i need to update the hardware Marvell Drivers?  If so, how do i do this?  Should the drives be set to IDE or RAID in the BIOS if using Marvell?


      Also note that Windows 7 will install with no problems if I use no RAID at all....  My HDDs are fine.


      Please Help!  I will provide more info if needed.