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    last update of Netwbw02.sys causes blue screen


      My laptop is a Lenovo Yoga with Intel Proset Wireless card AC-7260, on windows 8.1


      The last update of the driver (file Netwbw02.sys), installed automatically on my computer approximately last week (mid or end of october, or beginning of november 2018) causes blue screen.


      Absolutely no other change was made on my computer (no new software installed, no other update of any software).

      I want to precise that I have no antivirus (except the default antivirus windows defender) and I do not want to change this antivirus or anything else of my other software.


      I restored my computer system just before this update, and the problem was resolved.

      But since the automatically driver update installing cannot be switched off, the problem comes back each time the update is automatically made.

      So that I am forced to restore my computer everyday since this last update !


      This is absolutely not the first time that drivers, or driver update, of intel Proset wireless, lead to blue screens, on different versions of Windows, and with many versions of other software (antivirus, or other).

      I do not want to change anything else of my software (antivirus, or other).


      Please come back to a previous version of the driver (for example the one of august 2018), which worked very well without problem (it seems that, this GOOD previous version was the of file Netwbw02.sys, and I assume there are also associated files).


      And why does the intel wireless setup software (C:\Intel\wireless\Setup.exe), when launched, does only install update, and why is there no option allowing to switch off the automatically update of the drivers, or allowing to choose to fix at a previous version of the driver ?


      Thank you.