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    Intel Optane causes Explorer.exe to have high CPU usage


      I've Added a Screen shot to show a ton of information.


      To start, the issue that I am having is that the Explorer.exe program uses about 10% of my CPU (i9-9900k).

      Using the Microsoft program "Process Explorer" I was able to see that Explorer.exe is constantly reading the following files:
















      It appears that I am having the issue where the "Pinning Explorer Extension" does not go to the proper power state.

      I ran the ShellPackage.MSI multiple times, in as many configurations as I could but this did not resolve the issue. 

      Even with Optane disabled the problem still occurs.


      Troubleshooting information from: Workaround for Issue with Windows* File Explorer after Installing the... ( DID NOT FIX THE ISSUE )


      Note: I have tried reinstalling the Optane program.

                I've restarted Many times.

                Ran the Optane repair tool.

                killed the process (creates instability in Windows)

                restarted Explorer.exe

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          Same here. Explorer.exe, i9-9900K, 10%, identical. I took a look at the process via the Process Explorer, and I think the one "iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll!OptaneRegisterListener+0x5a88" and two or three  "ntdll.dll!RtlReleaseSRWLockExclusive+0x40" threads are on the top of the CPU usage list and causing the problem.


          And while I was writing this comment, I can see chrome.exe is using about 10% of the CPU too. I gave it a check, and bamn, I found the exactly same threads "iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll!OptaneRegisterListener+0x5a88" and "ntdll.dll!RtlReleaseSRWLockExclusive+0x40" on the top of the CPU usage list.


          I'm using Optane Memory accelerating my secondary HDD. Restarting this and that didn't help. I tried to suspend these threads and yes, the usage dropped. But the whole taskbar will crash when right-clicked on the icons along with the whole desktop UI. So the threads are critical and I don't think we have a solution here. I hope that we can find the cause and fix it the right way.

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            Michal B

            Same here too on i7-8700k / Asus Z370-E,

            but without any optane disk installed. I only have Samsung 970 NVMe PCIe4x.





            I think I've just found a temporary solution. Uninstalling 'Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions' from applications solved these issues.

            After uninstalling, my system was idle at 1-2%.

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              Wow thanks! Your solution works for me, as our problems seem to be more similar. I'm using the Optane Memory accelerating my secondary HDD so I cannot use that pinning feature from the beginning. I'm still hoping someone at Intel could take a look at the problem though.