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    HDD+optane Memory: Windows 10 suddenly does not boot


      Hi, my system is based on a Intel I5 8400, mb Gygabyte B360 DS3H and a 1TB HDD paired with an Intel MEMPEK1W032GAXT 32Gb Optane Memory.

      The 1TB HDD has 2 partitions: C for Windows and D for data.

      The system was working flawlessly for many months, but yesterday I added a Crucial MX500 SSD with the idea of cloning the C partition and the boot one to the SSD to make it my boot drive leaving Optane memory associated with the 1TB HDD.

      I cloned the C partition without disabling the Optane pairing (my mistake) and after the process was completed I changed the boot order to boot from the SSD.

      I was sure that if the new SSD would have had problems booting I could have still start the system from the old 1TB HDD (that was untouched).

      The new ssd couldn't boot and when I tried to boot from the old HDD I could not make it to the login screen: I only see the first windows logo, the "loading circle" and then the screen goes black and nothing happens (except from some disk activity from time to time).

      What could have gone wrong? May I repair the Windows installation of the 1TB HDD (with optane activated) to make it work again?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Ichil,
          Thank you for contacting Intel® Technical Support.
          As we understand, you need assistance with your Intel® Optane™ Memory. If we infer correctly we will appreciate if you can access to your BIOS and disable the Optane acceleration manually from there.
          After this process is completed and if you are able to boot to your OS using the original 1TB HDD, please, provide us with the following information:

          • The SSU logs.
            1-            Go to https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26735/ and download the software.
            2-            When finished downloading it, open it.
            3-            Attach the file obtained to your reply.
          • A screenshot of the “Disk Management” of windows showing all your HDDs and partitions.
          After extracting this information from your system we advise you to try to clone your drive again and after you are sure that your new drive is able to boot and have all the information try again to accelerate your system using Optane.

          We will be looking forward to your reply including this information.
          Best regards,
          Josh B.
          Intel Customer Support Technician
          Under Contract to Intel Corporation