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    Intel Wireless AC-9560 Issue - New driver cannot be installed?



      I have bought a new ASUS gamer computer, and I wondered why my download speed was only 500 KB/s , when my speed test is 5 MB/s. So I thought, my driver needed an update. So I went to device manager to update, but it said I already had the latest driver 20.50.3 .

      Then I tried your tool called Intel Driver & Support Assistant and It said my Bluetooth and WiFi needed an update. So I managed to update my Bluetooth, but when I tried to update Intel Wireless Proset Software to version 20.90 it said "This software cannot be installed on your system". I also tried the 20.80 version but with the same result.


      I also tried to look up on ASUS website for drivers and it said version 20.50, which I already have.

      ASUS live update says I have updated everything.


      What can I do? Please help.