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    Mac client issues with Mojave?


      Hi there

      We have a couple of Intel Unite Hubs in operation. These have been working fine with both Windows and Mac devices.

      Macs that has been upgraded to Mojave (10.14 or 10.14.1) are having the following issues:


      On all Mojave clients:

      1. When presenting, if you click on the volume icon (to turn on/off), the Intel unite client application terminates


      On one Mojave client:

      1. When clicking on preferences, Intel Unite terminates
      2. When launched, the Debug window appears (I think the debug preference is turned on but can't be turned off because clicking on preferences causes the client application to terminate)


      To be clear, these clients have connected in the past with no issues (prior to upgrading to Mojave). Our Macs that have not upgraded to Mojave are working fine.


      Wondering if anyone else is seeing issues running the Mac Intel Unite client on Mojave?




      HUB manufacturer(s): DELL

      HUB model(s) and SKU: Optplex 7040, Optplex 7060

      Mac OS version: 10.14 and 10.14.1

      Intel Unite® Client version (Mac): 3.3.1

      Intel Unite® HUB version:

      Intel Unite® Server version: