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    Intel Proset slow to acquire access point



      I'm using a laptop (Panasonic Toughbook) with the 3945ABG WiFi card and Intel Proset v.12.4.4.  The laptop is being using in an emergency vehicle with a mobile WiFi hotspot, but the question is really more general... here goes:


      We have an environment with a few WiFi access points (the station, and one inside the vehicle).  The laptop correctly associates with the station WiFi when it's in range.  Now - we drive the vehicle away and the Proset icon turns yellow (as it should).  However - it takes a long time (2 minutes or more) for Proset to begin searching for available WiFi's, find the vehicle-mounted WiFi and associate with it.


      Any suggestions on how to make this happen faster?  We can force it by clicking on the yellow icon and then choosing the WAP, but obviously this isn't the best solution.


      Any help would be great!