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    D510MO Mini PCI-Express SSD?


      I know that this technically shouldn't work given that the majority of Mini PCI-E SSD's aren't wired the same way as normal Mini PCI-E cards, though I was more or less wondering if there are any Mini PCI-E SSD's out there that do work with this board, or are there any BIOS updates that would allow me to use an SATA Mini PCI-E SSD with my D510MO board or boot from it?


      The BIOS Update mentions something about a Mini PCI-E to SATA Bridge:

      Updated Jmb363 Mini PCIe to SATA Bridge OpRom.

      I have no idea what this means, any clarification on this would help imensely.


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          I have the same questions as you, Jarocks. It's very annoying that those statements in the BIOS update release notes doesn't clarify anything.


          I am guessing that Jmb363 could be the chip present in "lots" of mini-pcie sata adapters, that could be the reason for Intel to include this option rom in the BIOS, but I could only find one, and it has a Silicon Image chip.