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    No post/No Boot/No Beep Help!


      I am having a problem with a no boot. I just replaced my old motherboard because the network adapter and sound stopped working. I purchased a new DG43GT and the computer will not boot. All the fans turn on and all the lights light up and no beep. It does not go to post, the video will not show up. The only thing that has changed was the mobo. I tried all the basic diagnostic steps and nothing will help. I have already returend the motherboard for another new one and same problem! Any help would be appreciated and also let me know if you need anymore information.!


      -DG43GT mobo (new)

      -Pentium D 2.8

      -No post

      -No video

      -No beep

      -Lights on

      -Mobo green light

      -Tried onboard video nothing

      -Checked voltages all good!

      -Memory is tested/known good

      -Processor is tested/known good

      -Tried pulling battery and let it sit for 48 hours

      -Tried booting without videocard/cd drive/Hd   same results