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    Intel D945GCLF won't boot


      I have just bought an Intel D945GCLF. Today i test it.

      When i turn it on without HDD installed, it run well....the post screen appear. then i turn it off, connect my SATA HDD, turn it on, the extra fan don't spin, monitor is blank ( no VGA signal ), power and HDD activity LED not blinking but the HDD is spinning. I turn it off by press n hold swicth button, remove the HDD and try to turn it on again, but still,the monitor blank, extra fan not spinning, then i'm panic!

      I try googling if someone has experience such a problem, and i did found some but none of them seem to have any solutions. I did try the Troubleshooting on Intel site : http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-010254.htm#newdrive but still not working...

      I can't access the BIOS setup or other maintenance screen...it just like the mainboard is in standby mode.

      I also check the 12 volt Pentium 4 2x3pin in case something wrong with my power supply, but it seems ok, there is a voltage.

      so if you guys have any idea, i really really really preciate it, thx!