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    Dg41RQ takes 3 minutes for the first whistle


      I have a cpu DG41RQ plate, which when I read the reader turn (turn on your lights and then turn off), but there it is only turned on the light button to turn on the cpu for 3 minutes and just completed the first whistle and after the second beep and begins loading windows normal. This problem is only when my CPU has been disconnected from the electrical power for more than 1 hour (I turn it off at night and when I run in the morning have this problem), but when time off is less than 1 hour and turning the first whistle is immediate and the second charge as well and normal windows. I entered the SETUP and this as a boot disk on CD, when I want to change the boot disk is the hard disk just is not working, ie remains the same parameters do not change (nose change or recorded).

      Thank you for your help