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    DG45ID bios flash without displaying any progress on display


      I have two DG45ID motherboards, one 308 rev. and a recently purchased 310 rev. which came with 097 bios.
      Because I want to maintain both at the same level I upgraded the 310 to 0129 bios rev. using recovery bios CD.
      During the flash process I got absolutly no message on the display, as I usualy see with my other card, so I wait for a secure 15 minutes before to press the power button to shut down at the supposed end of flashing process.
      Then I restarted in maintenance jumper position, and have seen that the bios was upgraded to 0129, made load optimal default values and my few specific changes then shutdown again to put the jumper in normal position and boot.
      All was fine, except this frustrating silent flash behaviour.

      I made  other trials (because of fan problem described in another thread).
      I flashed from 129 to 129 using the iso CD with iflash2, resulting in the same silent behaviour.
      Also tried with a  CRT VGA display, a LCD VGA display, a LCD DVI display, all running fine to flash the other DG45ID, with the same silent result.

      Then I flashed back to 0117 to check for the fan problem, then to 0131 with allways this silent behaviour.

      Question: is it a known problem ? is there a solution other than waiting 10 minutes without any feedback ?