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    problem with DG31PR


      Hello all,


      i am a new comer to this great community. i happy to be one of you. Ok let me come to the problems.


      This is my config.


      Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.6GHz


      Mother Board : Intel DG31PR - AA D97573 - 301


      RAM : DDR 2 - 2GB RAM With 667Mhz speed


      GPU : Zatoc GTS 250 - 1GB Eco Edition


      PSU : S - Tek 800Watts Power Supply with +12V1 - 20Amps and +12V2 - 26 Amps on the 12volt rails


      OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit


      Problem No. 1


      When i have run the CPU - Z software i have found the actual speed of the Processor (Clock Core Speed) to be at 1600Mhz while the processor E7300 is capable of 2600 Mhz of performance




      Problem No. 2


      When have seen the Mainboard Temp it is 75 Deg C and shows in the Red region i think it is not normal. I have found this in BIOS monitor and a software called Hmonitor. Still this is when i use the Computer only for Browsing at CPU loads core 1 : 7 % and core 2 : 3% the total load shows around :  3% in windows Task Manager. Because of this i have kept open my computer ATX cabinet and put on my AC and room temp is fine around at 23 Deg C.



      Problem No. 3


      My onboard Audio is Realtek and its not working at all time. At each startup or reboot it goes out, some times it comes and most of the time it is not at all working. The latest drivers has been installed as per the instructions from intel customer care executive. still problem is there. It shows like this, the back panel is seem to be not plugged in. but i have my creative SBS A500 is pinned into the Back panel in all 3 pins.


      Sound Driver.jpg


      Problem No. 4


      The same as above, if the sounds comes also, the microphone is not working.


      Problem No. 5


      Some times when i boot my system (Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit) after the boot up screen the BSD (Blue screen display) comes. Just exactly before the welcome screen and it flashes for a second and rebooting.


      Please help me on the above. appreciate your efforts.