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    i7 Extreme 965 Limited by TPD 130w, Multiplier Lowering?


      I've been doing a ton of research on this, but here is my initial problem:

      Under full load (100% all 8 cores) the Multiplier drops from 30 to 27-28. This happens the second the processor is under load, even though the temps are climbing from 25-26c , they eventually cap out at 65c across the cores.


      When I was researching, the Extreme chips are marketed as for "Overclocking" and have the unlocked multiplier as well as no "Overspeed protection" limiting the chip to 130w power.


      After doing research it seems the chip is infact doing the Overspeed protection, lowering the multiplier as soon as the chip tries to pull in more than 130w of power. If this is not the case, why is the multiplier dropping even when the temp is still very low  less than 45c?


      The Processor is water cooled, on a 4x120MM Radiator, using Arctic silver 5 thermal compound. I'm running it on a Asus P6T Deluxe Motherboard, with the Latest BIOS Revision.