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    SS4000-E drives not mounting


      I have 3 drives installed in my SS4000-E configured as linear.  Everything's been working ever since I got it (about 5 months ago).  This afternoon I noticed I couldn't access any of the NFS shares.  I logged into the web UI and I see the 2nd drive isn't being detected...no green power on the drive bay.  I tried removing/reinserting, but it's a no go.  I also tried putting it on the spare bay, and still would not turn on.  The other 2 drives however have green power indicators.  I tried power cycling, but it didn't help.  I see that the drive indicator is blinking orange and the system indicator (the one with an exclamation point inside a triangle) is solid orange.  I'm able to ping the box, go to the web UI, and SSH into it as well...but none of the other 2 drives that are getting power are mounting.  Please help!

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          Isn't "Linear" RAID 0?  Just a stripe set, no redundancy?


          If I'm remembering the terminology correctly, that would make sense.  You can't lose a drive in a RAID 0 and still have cohesive data.

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            Linear is not RAID0...not a stripe set.  Linear is JBOD.  I configured each drive to only have 1 parition each...not extending to any other existing partition and/or drive...so 3 drives and each drive having their own independent partitions.  So in case I lose 1 drive, the other 2 drives should not be affected...in theory.


            The thing that's bugging me more is, I called support...and it looks like I know more about the product that the support person.  At first the guy was insisting that the SS4000-E can only do RAID0 and RAID1...and that it can't be configured as linear ...we were back and forth for a good hour until he admitted that indeed it can do linear.  I explained my setup to the guy, and he said he was going to setup his test unit the same...and he never called me back!


            I knew this guy was some sort of rookie so I asked whether he can just forward my case to a level 2 tech person...he said they don't have any level 2 techs.  Anyone know if this is true?!

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              You're absolutely correct - the User Guide says "For example, in a linear configuration, when you remove a disk or a disk fails, the data
              associated with that disk is no longer available, but the data on all the other disks remains available." (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4000-e/sb/CS-022215.htm)


              Sorry, it was a thought off the top of my head.


              Anyone else have an idea?