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    RCCE V1.0.8 is available


      RCCE Version 1.0.8 is available for svn checkout at http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/tags/RCCE_V1.0.8/


      Manpages are part of this release. To view RCCE manpages, add the RCCE man directory to your MANPATH. Here is an example of setting your MANPATH.  If you are using the bash shell and you checkout RCCE into a sandbox in your home directory, you can set your MANPATH as follows.

      export MANPATH="/home/YourUserName/sandbox/rcce/man:${MANPATH}"

      Then (as an example), you can type

      man RCCE_send


      to see a RCCE manpage. If you see missing words in the manpage, adjust the colors of your terminal window.