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    New DQ57TM Motherboard Blue Screen and Reboots - Updated


      I am building a new system with a DQ57TM motherboard and a I5 650 processor, 2 GB of DDR3 PC1066 RAM and a ASUS PCIe x16 video card.  Yesterday the original board wouldn't show any video off the add in card but would off the on board video even when the add in card was installed - Problem 1.  This turned out to be a bad motherboard so a new board was put in and today when I'm trying to install Windows XP SP3 I am getting either a blue screen with a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT 0x0000004E error, and IRQ Blue Screen, or the system will just shut it self down and restart, corrupting the portion of Windows that got copied to the fresh hard drive - Problem 2.


      Problem 1 was resolved with replacing the motherboard.


      Problem 2 keeps persisting.  I have tried 1 memory module, 2 memory modules, going through 3 different sets of memory in different combinations.  Ram Memtest86 on the memory but even when I do this the system will reboot.


      The system has a 500W power supply so I'm not under power, unless the power supply is faulty.


      Again, this is a completely new system so it is hard to believe that so many parts were bad to start with.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.





      Tested with new power supply - same problem

      Tested with new video card - same problem

      Tested with new processor - so far working and Windows is installing


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