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    Intel 6200 problems

      hello, i need some help
      (just in case, im sorry for my english)
      i´ve an  acer aspire 5740g, linksys e3000

      my acer original card an atheros, cant connect on 5ghz, or anywhere near  300mbps! so i buyed a new one on ebay, an intel wireless pro 6200 to  replace this atheros!

      received today, installed, but...i cant get 300mbps, my acer wireless  light, an orange light is now blinking all the time, my speed is  unstable on 5ghz or 2.4! starts with 150mbps, drops to 90, then 120,  then 150 again, all the time! and this annoying orange light blinking,  atheros never blinked or im crazy! oh and my signal strenght now drops  from 5 to four bars all the time, that never happened with atheros, i  live on a small apartment! the router is really close, just drops on 2.4  or 5ghz

      how do i get 300mbps? how i make my lan speed and signal stable?

      just adding, i already tested with my older router, wrt54g2, and the  light blinked the same way! my connection never drops, im playing wow  right now, good ping and everything, but i want 300mbps =( doesnt make  sense paying 160 dollars on this router and being unable to get 300mbps  or worse getting unstable lan speed! apparently the problem is the  wireless card but im not sure! latest drivers installed, intel app and  everything updated! w7x64 hp!
      my 5ghz band is only n, 40mhz, tried different channels, security is wpa2 aes for N and 2.4ghz band too!
      the same problem is happening with both bands!
      i connect, my network never drops, but my signal with intel is really poor, intermittent, really weird,! antennas are installed correctly! tried several drivers, the latest, and the oldest!
      transmission power is set at highest! and that only happens with this card!
      installed dd-wrt on my router to discard linksys problems, and same issue! but in dd-wrt i can see that this card cant keep a better signal than 60%, 50-60% all the time...and im really close to the router, really close!
      anyone can help me please ?
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