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    Restarting telnet service for port 5010


      Is there some way for remote access users to restart the service that provides the telnet functionality on port 5010 of the BMC (besides having to ask one of you Intel guys for help every time)? I'm currently writing a script to get automated readings, however it's still in development and apparently sometimes causes the service to crash. Although IMHO no input should ever crash a telnet service in such a manner that it is unreachable for future connections, it happened and will most likely happen again a few times until the script is finished and free of bugs. Any ideas?

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          We won't be able to allow access for participants to restart the telnet service, but are looking into ways to stabilize the service.  Until this is done you will need to contact us to restart the service for you.  I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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            Is there any more specific data you can send me? I would like to reproduce this behavoir.

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              Well, the script has now been fixed so I can't really reproduce the error (and frankly since it seems to be stable now I don't want to ). One of the problems was parsing the status message that is returned after sending the "status" command. Apparently it is encoded with codepage 1252 or something compatible, whereas my ruby script was expecting utf-8. This crashed the script and somehow sometimes also telnet service (usually not right away but after a few attempts).

              Unfortunately I do not have a faulty copy of the old script anymore, so I cannot give you more data or information. But since its working now this no longer represents a problem for us. Thanks for the help!

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                I've seen the BMC program crashing when the connection to port 5010 was interrupted right after sending a command to the BMC and before waiting for the answer(s) to be sent back. This caused the send()-routine to exit with a broken pipe signal. That happens if you interrupt your program on the host side with ctrl-C.


                It has been fixed now and will be deployed soon.

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                  Ah, this might actually be the case, I frequently interrupted it with ctrl+c. In any case, it's good to know it has been fixed! Thanks!